Advices to Women in Relationships!

If a man wants you, nothing and no one can keep him away.
If a man desires/misses you, he’ll always make the time to spend time with you. There is no such thing as “busy”. When a man wants something/someone, he gets it and makes it happen one way or the other. You wouldn’t even have to ask him for time!
For if a man loves you, he’ll give you no reason to doubt it. You can tell it from not only his words and actions, but his eyes and smile.
So don’t justify or make excuses to his invalid behavior(s).

The only person you can change in a relationship is YOURSELF.
So if you’re staying around hoping you can change your partner, it’s a dead end relationship.
Change comes from WITHIN.
And if you’re staying around hoping things would get better and although you already tried- quit wasting your time and save yourself.
Living in denial will get you nowhere.
You will regret the time wasted on wrong people.
And even if you don’t feel regret, you will be mad a year from now that things did not advance to the better.

Don’t settle for less than you want and deserve for a man. Don’t compromise yourself, your dignity, or your needs.
He will begin to treat you like you treat yourself, as undeserving, and from there on don’t expect his behavior towards you to ever change.
And remember, you can’t change yourself for a relationship that’s not meant to be no matter how hard you try, you will end up losing yourself and from there forget any successful relationships! You will keep attracting the same ones that equate to your lack of self-respect and self-love.

You can know a man’s truth towards any woman by how he treats his wife. If he doesn’t respect her, then he won’t respect any other woman.
This doesn’t apply however to a man that clearly and honesty doesn’t love his wife and is only with her for her or the children’s needs and desires. I’d always say, a man doesn’t stay where he is unhappy or does not wish to be- but apparently some are forced to for their children.
So love lacks towards the spouse. And love only comes with respect. Where love lacks, respect lacks.

Emotionally disconnected spouses are one of the worst case scenarios to have a home to bring up children in.
Don’t think children will get your man closer to you, if anything, you will face much more challenges and are more likely to be more apart.
Don’t think or force your man to stay with you only because you love him and/or have his children.
As a woman, you will lose all sense of self. And you will be betrayed, after all, you have betrayed yourself.
Let alone, you all will pay the price in misery sooner than later! And your children will live with your truth as spouses forever, if anything, repeating the same mistakes!

If you’re with a man that let you down, the best determinant for future behavior is past behavior. Particularly when his emotions towards you haven’t changed. If anything, he is more emotionally disconnected.
As a woman, your intuitions will almost always be right. So let it to save you from further heartache!

If he’s loved another woman at some point in your relationship and you found a way to make him stay, I can guarantee you- he will never love you again. And deep down he will blame you for everything and see you as his biggest mistake.
Respect and love yourself enough to walk away from what doesn’t serve you.
Love him truly to let him go.

Maintain your self-boundaries.
Don’t bend or certainly, break them, for anyone! If you yourself cannot stick to them then you can’t expect anyone else to!
You cannot make a man honest or reliable but you can always change your relationship with him if he doesn’t meet your needs or isn’t honest.
The way you allow him to treat you, will be the only way he treats you!
And if you continue vacillating and staying around even when you’re mistreated, don’t expect him to give you anymore.
Speak up, stand up for your rights and what you want.
If you’ve made it clear and he is not co-operative. Let him watch you walk out of his life.

Never love a man more than you love yourself. Well, unless you are capable of true unconditional love towards yourself and others. Which is extremely rare especially for women.
Find what makes you happy before giving your life to a man.
Fulfill yourself prior to expecting anything from the relationship you will have or from your man.

Never make your man feel as though you are helpless or “nothing” without him.
Don’t give him any value or importance above your own- even if you do rely on him emotionally and/or financially.
Men that think they have financial power and/or business status over their woman ultimately think it gives them right to mistreat them.
Money, pride, and arrogance go hand in hand.

If you were in a relationship with a man that mistreated you, don’t expect to be able to maintain a friendship after.
Friends don’t mistreat one another.

Smart women know, real men can never be shared!
So the ones that cheat, well good luck to their wives that chose to stay with them knowing and continually denying their truth!
Don’t get yourself in their messes- their relationship/marriage is long a ruin he merely wants an escape from. Or else he wouldn’t be straying and looking for another woman to love and be with behind closed doors.
And to the vulnerable women fighting for ones that are already with another, even if you love one another, you’re fighting wrong battles. These men are no good. Let the weak lying cowards stay with the wives that don’t respect, love, or value themselves enough to break free from them.
Love knows no martial status. But a real man would end a failed relationship before going into another. He would be honest and stand up for his heart, dignity, and own his words. He would long have fought your battle before he’d get you in his mess, that’s for sure!
Consider yourselves lucky that you’re not the ones bound to these cowards by law or children.

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