The Dangers of Marrying a Woman that Isn’t Emotionally Mature!

I always give advice to women, this one is for the men! Seeing as I noticed how manipulative women get once they marry them out of their own insecurities and fears!

Emotionally immature women are in most cases the many that go into marriages too early. They want the wedding, the dress, the man to define them, the title and the kids without thinking of the reality behind it all and maintaining it.
I am not saying are all but it is the majority of women that go into relationships expecting the man to define them and fill voids within them. They go in unsure of themselves and their worth and they rely on their man for a self-esteem assurance.
Not to mention, they are anything but self-fulfilled. So once you’re in a relationship with a woman like that, forget breaking free easy!

They tend to suffer from lack of self-esteem and self-respect.
They become totally reliant and dependent on you as a man. They are clingy. Needy. And overly jealous.
You will feel as though you are no longer free to be who you are. You slowly lose your friends and forget talking to other women!
Which of course I believe, as a man, when you love a woman/your wife- no other woman can make you stray. A man only strays out of lack of love towards his wife and being unhappy in a relationship/marriage. A happily married man would always mention his wife with a smile and love to his friends, particularly the other women so he’d set clear boundaries he’s off limits. He surely wouldn’t be out flirting and looking for someone to be in love with!

Women as innocent and pure as they may seem, when they want someone and/or something they would go to extremes to have it/him. To the point of being malicious and entirely wicked.
Yes. When a woman wants a man, she’ll find a way to get him no matter how wrong or deadly.
That applies if you’re a rich business man. Watch out you will be targeted even if it means by black magic.
And if you’re a simple man with a woman that doesn’t respect the fact the relationship isn’t working and/or you do not love her, she will go to any extreme to keep you.

Even your partner/wife, whom is supposed to understand you the most will cling to you and refuse to listen simply because she wants and/or needs you.
Doesn’t matter if you’ll be silent and miserable day in and out, eating yourself up. If she wants you physically present, she’ll have you any way regardless of how you feel!
A woman’s love towards her child maybe selfless and unconditional but in most marriages, towards her man it is anything but that!

When your woman suddenly ups the sex and decides to buy some naughty outfits- know she’s up to something.
Sex is the number one manipulation tool for women in their marriages.
Particularly women without self-esteem, sex is the last on their mind when they’re drowned in self-questioning and always comparing themselves to other women.

Women like making you feel jealous simply because seeing your blood boil affirms their worth.
In most cases, I think it’s essential a man gets jealous because it’s so easy for him to forget the value of the one he already has, particularly for long.

Women love to play helpless.
When she doesn’t take care of her health, isn’t eating well, suddenly all out pale and fainting- know she’s doing it for attention she craves and obviously lacks.
Don’t blame yourself for her lack of self-love. If she can’t take care of herself she can’t expect you either. Especially when she’s a mother and has kids that look up to her!
It’s even foolish of a woman to expect a man whom clearly doesn’t love her to do so simply out of guilt.
Majority of women are suffering from their own self-hate!
And they are victims of self-despair!
Don’t accept that behavior because before you know it she’ll be threatening to harm herself to keep you there no matter how toxic the relationship is. And she’ll even do it and blame you for it.
Sadly, most women want to be saved from their own selves!

A woman is never the same once betrayed.
Once you cheat on her, she never truly trusts you or loves you as before. If anything, she’ll strip you of your dignity and make you think this is her ticket to controlling you and setting rules.
Do it again, and she says she “forgives you,” know that she’s only planning to do anything but that. Women that stay in such relationships wanting their men to stay even when they know they are cheating and/or do not love them, want anything but love and a true union.
Sadly, they think they have spent too long in the relationship giving that they will never let go without being “repaid”, especially with their consuming fear of being alone.

Most women would settle for anything simply out of their own insecurities of self and fear of being alone.
They don’t mind you cheating emotionally or sleeping around because it gives them a justification to rule your life from there on.
She will always be reminding you of your past mistake to dominate you.
And let me tell you, women are the runners of relationships. Suddenly you’ll find yourself the real helpless passenger in the marriage! And sooner than later, your life is no longer under your control.

Be very wary of a woman that have your parents sided with her especially knowing your marriage isn’t working and she still wants you around! Be it for the life you provide her or simply the false company and image some women love to keep up.
Women work harder on family relationships especially when they know their husbands aren’t happy with and/or do not love them.
If she has your parents, you lose your dignity because it won’t be easy to fight your own blood. Especially if she’s the mother of your children! You know, most parents would die without the grandchildren!

The truth with children is, the majority of women have them only to guarantee you stay with them!
And by then after the baby is conceived, they know it’ll be that much harder for you to go.
She will use your kids against you if she must.
Now the court is the way. Almost always, they have the custody of the kids and of course it’s difficult to divorce when you don’t want to be isolated from your children although you no longer want her as a wife.

Once a woman has kid, expect her to change from the fun affectionate-showering alluring woman she was to a hormonal occupied mother. And not necessarily a good one either!
Recognize that many woman put so much time and effort into their baby that they forget they have a husband simply because of the fact they know their child will be more attached and loyal to them then their husband.
Meanwhile, others use the baby as an excuse to keep them away from their duties as wives.
Also, many women define themselves and their worth/purpose through their child.
Unfortunately, the majority also forget to take care of themselves! And once cheated on, only then will you find her out buying new outfits, dying her hair, and suddenly wearing push-up bras. It’s a call for attention. Nothing more or less. The woman probably still doesn’t value herself at all. And never will, after all, the person you end up with is a mirror of your own self-esteem. The way you treat her is the way she treats herself. Subconsciously you can’t treat her any other way than the way she views herself within!

Men, you need to realize, women without self-esteem and self-respect end up very much emotionally abusive especially in marriages were there are children.
They can blind you to even feeling very guilty throughout your life together only because they need you for approval of oneself.
What would an emotionally abusive woman say:
“If you don’t get yourself together, I’m leaving. I’m divorcing you.” Abandonment strikes, but trust me, a woman when she wants to leave she leaves! She won’t spend her days and months threatening and uttering ‘divorce’ till a year has passed! They SAY that but they would never act on it- after all, they fear your loss because they fear nothing more than being alone. Abandonment is an issue they struggle with daily!
Or worse, “If you leave me, I’ll kill myself.” Actually- tell her to go do that and make it clear you WON’T be around in the house to save her. You’ll see she never can or will! No wonder they pick slow methods like overdosing on pills or the like! They want attention and more power to control you.
“I will take the kids from you far away, forget seeing them often.” Or, “I will tell your daughter(s)/son(s) what a liar you were and how unfair you were to me.” They will always threaten to alienate you from your OWN children.
“You owe me. I’m entitled to your money after all I’ve given and gone to waste.” They want finances. After all, I heard many women say “money is the marriage.”
They can also threaten to destroy your career by ruining your reputation as a husband and father.

They will also make it clear that you’ll never meet anyone like them. Well I’d say: YOU’RE LUCKY! GOOD FOR YOU! These women do not know love towards oneself to even love you. Personally, they shouldn’t be having children when they cannot be responsible for their own selves and lives!
They are con artists, they will make you feel like you’re a bad person, unfair and selfish. Only there really is nothing special about them! If anything they know that themselves, they define their worth through your presence! They are only highly dysfunctional and have toxic traits in their characters.
Change your mindset, you will surely be better off! The more you resign to emotional abuse the more you see yourself as undeserving and settle. It may even become your comfort zone.

As for losing your children, you are always their father no matter what. What goes around will come around.
Consider the ideals you set if you do stay around and continue being treated like that!
You are teaching your kids that they don’t matter first and their self-happiness and well-being should go last. You are teaching them false promises and fake love. You are showing them marriage is a lifetime suffering of feeling “stuck” in misery and sadly, some parents even tell their kids they’re in it for them! They will feel responsible for your unhappiness. Are those the ideals you want imprinted in their subconscious forever as the norm? Surely as a father I would say not.
If you’re consumed in fear, don’t listen to your guts. Just shut off and use your mind and confront those fears!
Emotionally abusive women would use emotional attacks that would cloud your judgment, they may even have nothing to do with the real situation.

As for your assets and reputation, you can gain them if you persist to your truth, that is all that matters. Know yourself best.
It’s unfortunate that men are punished in courts the longer they stay in a marriage and put effort but trust me, if you think you’re doing the right thing by hanging there you’re merely handing more of your power to a woman that will continue walking all over you and taking away your dignity. The longer you stay, the harder it is to break and the more she will hurt you when you do divorce! Just how women are, they want payback for the years “wasted”.

It’s really saddening for me to see men stay in relationships were they are treated like mere dogs and house guards only because they are as well afraid of the unknown- they’d rather bear a known misery- and of course, the price they pay of losing their families. But I guess in the end it is your choice.
Don’t let her limit your with her self-limiting beliefs. You will love again. You will be happy. You will be healthy. But you can’t do that with a woman as such in your life! only WITHOUT her! Your children will even thank you later in life!
Only YOU have the power to release yourself!

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