Daily Reminders

Reminders for the bigger picture, that is life:

  • Time is a remedy. Give time, some time. Remember, it will pass. Both the bad and good times. So pull through the hardships.
  • Your feelings aren’t the end of your world. They won’t kill you! Be it you’re grieving a loss, heartbroken, depressed, or bitter.. hold on. You may feel dead, but you’re breathing for a reason! Every breath you take is a sync with someones last- choose gratitude.
  • Don’t lose sight at what truly matters: YOURSELF. Don’t take situations or others too seriously. Certainly, never personally. People tend to do things because of them and not you. And the truth is the only way people know how to treat others is how they treat themselves! Take no offense and just walk away. Many people aren’t even worth arguing with.
  • People thoughts and opinion should be of irrelevance to you. You know yourself best. And only do what you see right. Don’t grant them the reaction they’re looking for!
  • Speaking of reactions, not everything is under your control. Stop pushing outcomes and let go. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!
  • Don’t get in the habit of questioning your own capabilities. Trust me, everyone else will do that for you and constantly. Enough critics as it is, be your own biggest supporter.
  • The only approval you need is SELF-approval. If you care about impressing people or outside approval- you are owned by THEM. You only own yourself when you do not bother with or worry about what others think of you. The sole approval you need is SELF-approval. And that is achieved by staying TRUE to YOU. If that isn’t enough for those around you to accept you, time they watch you walk out of their life, just as you once walked in. When you know and accept yourself fully, you don’t care for “fitting in” or pleasing others… you find the power to ALL WITHIN YOU.
  • You are enough. All the answers and all you need is within you. Drop the limiting beliefs and start believing you are the most deserving.
  • Get a deeper understanding of yourself and you will have a greater capacity of and get better at understanding those around you. This starts with unraveling your own emotions from their core.
  • Then again, life isn’t about knowing all the answers or the “reason” behind everything happening to you. Find peace with the fact that you won’t always have the answers. Learn to accept, some things happen to teach you acceptance. That is all.
  • Humility is by far the greatest virtue for humans to acquire. Have humility. Replace pride with it.
  • Become better than the person YOU used to be, and not better than someone else. It is never about anyone other than YOURSELF. Compare only to yourself, yesterday.
  • Wisdom isn’t knowing, it’s practicing. Wisdom sees ahead. Wisdom acts in the now for LONG-TERM benefit and not for momentarily gratification.
  • Confront your fears. They’re completely normal to have but don’t let them dominate you. If you don’t attack your fears, not only face them they will conquer you to the dark. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to be mistaken. Just don’t waste the precious energy of life feeding your fears with negative thoughts instead of getting in action to destroy them! Same applies to worrying, over-thinking, and stress. You’ll only cause yourself a nervous breakdown!
  • You need to learn to FACE your own shadows (we ALL have them!), or else, you will keep on seeing them in others!.. The world outside and the way you grasp/view it is only a reflection of the world INSIDE YOU. Ruminate on this before you criticize others.
  • Stay present. To me true success and happiness is being able to focus on the now and making today count. Make today your change. Make today your best day. The trick is to enjoy life. YOUR life and don’t spend your rare special days wishing them away and/or looking for better ones ahead. Make your today’s the best.
  • Remember, your thoughts today will determine the course of your moods and behaviors. And thus, your actions. And what you do today, you become tomorrow.
  • Attitude is everything. It starts with how you feel right when you get up. So set the tone of your day with positivity. Start with a prayer of gratitude. Give thanks to the blessing new day that is an opportunity for you to straight all over again. Repeat positive affirmations. Fuel yourself with enthusiasm and gratitude. Channel your negative energy into positive through replacement. Give yourself positive energy and your body will reward you with just that!
  • Usually, when you’re about to give up.. wining the fight is right at the corner. Remember what  you’re fighting for and do not ever quit.
  • A big lesson that I accepted with difficulty: I am human. You are human. This means, we all make mistakes. We all hurt and hurt others. We won’t always be happy and positive. We all feel resentment and/or certain negative emotions at points. We all get weak and vulnerable. And it’s okay.  You know what’s ironic? Many of us preach forgiveness, compassion, and giving chances as an act of love. But what I realized is, we lack SELF-forgiveness, SELF-compassion and need to don’t beat ourselves up for our mistakes. Be kind to you so you can be kind to others. It all starts and ends with YOU.
  • Your past, no matter how ‘wrong’, ‘flighty’, or ‘bad’ does not determine your future. That is, if you learned your lessons. For as long as you haven’t learned you lesson and changed you will keep repeating the same mistakes. Learn. Forgive. Let go. Set yourself free. Do things differently.
  • The one significant life lesson to learn before it’s too late is that LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Live it for YOURSELF, your way, with integrity and compassion- that is all you need to serve others well. Recognize happiness is a choice and choose it. Practice to seek answers from within you- don’t rely on outside sources, other people, or relationships to define or complete you, set your own value, love yourself most. Surround yourself by those that affect you positively. Be with the one you love, the one that brings out your best, with whom you can grow. Take care of your health. Let go of the past, view the memories without pains, and live in the most vital time, which is THIS moment! There really is no time to waste! First step to living the life you want is letting go of the one you don’t! Only you have the power to change. Only you can create a beautiful tomorrow. And only you can choose to live this life fully with honesty, grateful for every breath.
  • Every day is a new day to start all over. TODAY is the ‘right’ time to do all the things you wanted to and have procrastinated, delayed or thought impossible. Get out and make it happen. Let your desire fuel you to success.
  • And lastly, the best daily reminder is to laugh as much as you can! You know the one lesson babies teach us: be happy for no reason. Just laugh it out. Anything and everything. Laughter truly has healing powers, it’s the cheapest medicine!

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