Your Heart Is Your Emperor!

What if I told you that it is your heart that has a memory and not your brain? That it is your heart that is primary in all you experience in life and that your mind and body just follow as secondary and third? That it is your heart that emits all the energy within you outwards bonding you to others or pushing you away.. it gives out energy that can heal the unthinkable in yourself and others, no matter the miles between you..

We are all made up of energy fields which have the power to heal even in instants, chronic diseases. This energy comes through intention, belief, positive thought, and visualization. It is coming at peace with what you think you were cursed with. The emperor organ that creates all the energies is not the mind like I always thought, but the heart.

I have always been obsessed with conquering my mind, I got so busy mastering it I forgot my heart. I claimed hearts were irrational and can want whom and what’s not good for them. I even said heart’s only function to keep the blood pumping and no more. How I was very wrong! The heart’s signals affect all your other organs and so body as a whole. It also generates the largest electromagnetic signals throughout your body. But here’s the thing, with the mind winning is indeed exercising control over your thoughts. However, when it comes to your heart, winning is simply surrendering and trusting in it to guide and heal you.

The mind will always be bias, unlike your heart- it cannot guide you to your truth and purpose. For it is where fear exists and can grow- unlike the heart, it does not know of fear unless the mind convinces it.

When the heart is consumed by fear, it cannot love. Thus, your mind cannot lead you to greatness and true passionate love we all deserve.. why? Because we grow up with our parents and others telling us what’s right and wrong, black and white, good enough or not, labels, definitions,.. they implement their insecurities, doubts, and fears within our subconscious.. we basically become brainwashed without knowing. We filter our realities according to what others perceived as a norm and “should be,” we lead lives we do not wish but see comfortable to our subconscious, and we ask our minds that are so affected by outside people and things to silence our hearts when it should be the total opposite.

Moreover, the heart is also the one organ that surely has a memory and can always recall. It actually even senses outside stimuli before it even occurs. And then through this information, memory, and feelings it then transmits to the brain. The sequence is: heart, brain, body. What is even more astonishing is the fact these energy fields which the heart is mainly responsible for cover the entire sphere and beyond! One can heal another and feel their energy even being in totally different continents.

Science explained to me the thought I have always had in my mind.. I used to wonder how I have had a lot of misfortune happen in my life and how I have known pain all my life to the extent it has become comforting to me- I have learned to master it yet it is nothing compare to heartbreak or trying to kill my love for someone. Nor where the numerous broken bones, torn ligaments, and sprained and strained muscles, or even spine injuries comparable. I wondered, how is it that I have lost, grieved, been through so much suffering and pain all my life but heartbreak seems to be the worst of the worst?

In all essence, heartbreak is as real as pain gets. For it effects every single cell, fiber, and nerve within you. It emits everything from sounds, to heat, to waves, to light and magnetic and electromagnetic signals constantly and simultaneously. You heart also controls your breathing, which is what grounds you in yourself, life, and the present. When your breathing is incoherent so is every cell of your being. And when you try to kill what your heart longs for you only end up harming yourself and/or hurting the beloved. You cannot kill what can never die I have learned.

So after I have told you all this..

Would you be wary of who you surround yourself with knowing energy is what you are and is easily affected? Would you be cautious of who you allow in your heart yet follow it heart when it wants whom and what it does for no reason? Because maybe it knows better.. Would you chose more wisely the emotions that take up the space within it? Would you refuse to allow room for hate, spite, envy, or anger.. and instead allow in light, peace, forgiveness, and so love? Would you work on listening to it’s silent and pounding beats? Would you let it guide you to your truth and greatness? Would you strengthen it with a healthy lifestyle knowing all your life experiences depend on it to allow it to function from a nurturing place all on its own?

Contemplate these queries and matters. Work on allowing no negativity in your heart. Be determined to reach a peace with those that wronged you and with your struggles with oneself be it health issues or simple life challenges. Surrender to and accept what you dislike, and be conscious in letting the light shine through even your deepest of wounds. Soon it will be automatic, that you will only be capable of love. Yes, you will only feel good towards those that wish you no well either. You will be grateful for even the things you were not “blessed with” like all others. That is the power of Self and a healthy conscious heart. You realize you have all you need within you and you give out only the energy you wish to receive. Above all, you accept whatever life hands you, however your state maybe.

Note: this piece is about one precious special organ we all have: the heart. I would like to say I have been inspired to write it through scientific readings and a documentary I have watched which has left me feeling renewed as it has proved to me a lot of beliefs I had on my own. There will be a second post which is a follow up on heartbreak and healing it.

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