As A Writer..

It is quite astonishing the many “you’s” that reveal as a writer through ones words. I have been writing even before I could complete a sentence in proper English as a child. I stumble upon many writings today, and I read as though I am clueless to who that person was, sometimes with tears, and other times with laughter, although it was only 4-2 years ago. One things remains the same: I keep growing.

The greatest lessons for me has been learned through the journey of my own self-growth and fulfillment. I finally look back with empathy, acceptance, and grounded in love instead of, in shock, resistance, denial, regret, and/or bitterness. No matter how dark a story in the past I see the light today and am grateful for everything I passed through.

Lately, I have been writing more than ever, on a daily basis. Honestly it is weird to me because usually I only write when I am inspired during travels or if I am going through something intense. Two years ago I took the decision to never write when emotional nor with any particular person in mind. Instead, I wait till I am peaceful towards a scenario/topic and only write about it as an outsider, observing, after having put myself in both shoes. I am proud of myself for having been able to master this empathy and then writing fairly.

I have also made a pact with myself that in order to get good at something, I got to keep at it everyday. Just as with my trainings and other passions; you do not just do things when you feel like it or when you are motivated or inspired. It is called discipline; you do things anyways regardless of your state and all else happening. In the end, what keeps you going is habit, not motivation. Also, the times where you progress most are indeed the bad days, and not the good ones.

I do not know if all my posts have been worthy of posting, but I have used this blog as a mean of personal catharsis and not as a marketeer or a writer trying to find a niche as the target to her words. Reading all came down to your personal choice.

At the start having a blog was getting out of my comfort zone and over my fear; to be vulnerable to the world and share my personal thoughts and feelings. Especially as the reserved introvert that I am, it was not at all easy. But I have become so at ease and proud of myself for being so open and pure to others and sharing only truths, no matter if they show my vulnerabilities. It is in my vulnerabilities did I find my strengths.

Writing is therapeutic. It is how I came to understand, release, and accept even the worst that has occurred to me and others. If you change the perspective and change your story shedding light on the darkness, the suffering heals bit by bit. It has been my mean of transforming any pain to pleasure, any heartbreak to unconditional love, any misunderstandings and judgments to understanding and acceptance, any war to peace… I am always trying to reframe things in a positive light for myself and others.

It helps me stay in tune with my heart and essence: to be in love and write in it. It aids my brain, that likes to erase or fade out memories, to keep them alive and at their most profound of moments. It is to get intimate with myself and those that became a part of me on my journey of life. It is to detach from my past stories and creating new bigger and better ones. It is learning to master forgiveness through journaling.

Finally, it is my way to self-transform. I write in peace and love, and let go of the story for good after having clearly put down the lessons learned.

I am also keen to show you all the REALITY. MY reality in specific. I do not and will never act perfect. I share with you all my struggles and losses as equally as my times of ease and successes. I can only be real with you, even if it is only a screen that I sometimes feel I am addressing; but that is because I am genuinely an honest individual who is very sympathetic and spiritually connected to others. I live by integrity and can only be honest with myself, and thus with all of you. Being humane equates to being myself; I will never act above anyone or say I know better. I am only sharing my journey through my thoughts and heartfelt messages primarily. I want every single person reading to know they are not alone in this life!

I have so much faith in myself and the woman I am growing into daily. I do not think I will ever feel like I am done self-improving; I will always be a work in progress- I may already be a bright star but I can only aim to grow bigger and shine brighter. Today I am whole, but it does not mean my journey is over.

Even knowing so much and sometimes  feels like a curse, but then I know  the truth is that I know nothing and there is still so much to learn.

I hope that those that read take the good and find the love in my words and use them constructively to improve as individuals and humans above all else.

I have also had so many tell me how come I give so many advice’s that people would pay for and for free at my own cost and through my own personal stories revealed? The truth is, I love to help, it is why I am created and blessed with in this life. I am a healer and I believe the world needs more of us. Secondly, I write out of love and not for money. My hopes are to better each individual and thus this world one day at a time, that for me is the greatest success. Who knows, one day soon God willing, I will be financially successful as well doing what I love and no more.

I know to many think I got the keys to life and love, but I am as human as all of you. I have some tough days too, where I realize I need to recall and listen to my own advice’s.

My mission will also be to say more in less words; need to practice writing shorter. I myself have never taken any writing courses, it is innate and I tend to over-explain and over-express. I always have a lot to say. So that is in the working, as well as, learning to say enough but not sell all the details. Also need to properly review- I type so fast and I do not always have the time to reread and edit.

Much love to everyone,


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